Capri Island - Torre Saracena


The bay of Marina Piccola, the Faraglioni, the crystal clear sea, a beach nestled in a bay protected by an ancient block house..
... Torre Saracena, a taste of paradise, offers its guests the warmest of welcomes.

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The Torre Saracena baths, founded in 1906, play an important role in the history of the island of Capri’s hospitality industry.
The bathing establishment, comprised of private beach, sun decks created on a series of wooden platforms, and an excellent restaurant, is the perfect place where to savour the delicious local cuisine or simply pass the time of day enjoying the sea and sunshine.


A secluded bay, sheltered from the winds, Marina Piccola looks out across the sea and the magnificent Faraglioni of Capri. The Torre Saracena still exudes the... continue

Capri Island - Torre Saracena - Vintage photos
The Hotel Villa San Felice

The hotel owned by the family who run the Torre Saracena bathing establishment, just a few steps away from the celebrated Piazzetta of Capri.