Capri Island - Torre Saracena


A secluded bay, sheltered from the winds, Marina Piccola looks out across the sea and the magnificent Faraglioni of Capri. The Torre Saracena still exudes the style and intimacy which first made the bathing establishment famous.

Torre Saracena opened in 1906, at a time when the island’s hospitality industry as we now know it was yet to develop. The establishment immediately received world wide acclaim for its excellent cuisine and the genuine welcome that its owners and staff extended to visitors coming to Capri.

At the time the port of Marina Grande was still primarily a beach. A steamboat transported passengers across the water from Naples to Capri, just once a day.

The Torre Saracena bathing establishment was run by Giovanni “di Pennaulo”, his wife Raffaela, and their children Gemma and Giovanni. Today’s owners continue to offer the same simple, family-style hospitality, ensuring that guests return to the Torre Saracena day after day, summer after summer.

Bagni Torre Saracena
Capri Island - Torre Saracena - Vintage photos