"Da Domenico" Restaurant

"Da Domenico" Restaurant

The taste of the sea, the taste of tradition

Let's be honest: when you're sitting at a table looking out across the sea at the Faraglioni, feeling refreshed after a swim in the Mediterranean, every dish simply tastes better. The flavors of Torre Saracena are the perfect way to enhance this unforgettable experience. Chef Domenico expertly prepares the great classics of Capri cuisine, putting his own personal spin on the island's traditional fish and vegetable dishes. One of his famous creations, pasta and peas, gave new life to once-forgotten island flavors.

Chef Domenico's menu is dedicated to the quality and freshness of his ingredients, and guests enjoy their meals on the restaurant's terrace overlooking the sea. There's a wide selection of shellfish and seafood in the large aquarium featured in the dining room. Simply take a close look and choose for yourself what you'd like Chef Domenico to prepare for you.

Seasonal schedule
Torre Saracena restaurant is open for lunch from the end of April to the end of October.

Yacht service
For guests arriving with their own boat there are buoys and sailor assistance.

Upon request, the restaurant can be specially booked in the evening for large or small events.

Chef Domenico

Chef Domenico Guarracino has been at the helm of Torre Saracena restaurant in Capri for nearly 50 years.

His experience has allowed him to experiment with innovative techniques in the kitchen, balancing modernity with an authentic interpretation of traditional Capri cuisine. His passion and love for food are reflected in his dishes, which expertly combine fresh local products with creative flair. He is known above all for his fish-based specialities prepared with great care: from the classic mixed fried fish and seafood, to octopus with zucchini and potatoes, to his highly prized cod.

Chef Domenico's most famous dish, however, is perhaps the one with the most humble ingredients: pasta and peas, creamed to perfection directly at the table.